Spartan Workout - Add power and increase your speed

November 21, 2017 by jgriffiths #Spartan Workout   0

Spartan Workout - Add power, and increase your speed 

All Spartan races/OCR races have some form of climbing.  But are the hills slowing you down?  If so, you're not alone!  


This move is simple, yet a sure way to give your legs more power, and strength as you scream up those hills. 

*I recommend doing these weighted bench step ups 8-10x, 4 sets at the end of your leg day.  Keep your chest up, as you step up.  Step all the way on top of the bench with a flat foot for stability.  













Grab some weight, hold it tight and include this into your weekly leg workout to increase power and speed for your next race. 


Your Trainer Jill

Spartan Race Ambassador 2017 & 2018



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