Pre-Eat Thanksgiving Workout

November 22, 2017 by jgriffiths #Workout   0

Before you eat, TORCH calories with this Thanksgiving workout.


I love a good, hard workout pre-eat on Thanksgiving morning!

Working out pre-eat will not only torch calories and give you some caloric room for your favorite eats, it will also put you in a muscle building, fat burning zone, which will utilize those splurges to your benefit (to a certain extent of course). 

I designed a crazy effective workout for you to do the morning of Thanksgiving that you can do anywhere.  The movements will torch calories and give you some room to indulge in your favorite Thanksgiving dishes later on. Limited, if any equipment is needed.  All's you need is 20-30 minutes, a sweat towel and some grit.  


Click for Videos:

1. Plank Position Shoulder taps

2. Dips

3. Chest to floor burpee's w/ jump

4. Prisoner split squat (lung position)

5. Plank low/high jack

6. Dolphin push ups

7. Leap frogs

8. Bench step ups


I'm so grateful for this time of year.  Family, friends, good food and a body that I LOVE.   I don't even care how that sounds, because I truly do love my body.  I found peace with my body years ago.  I love that it provides me every opportunity to move, do Spartans, play with my kids, run, walk, hike, wake surf, and go to the gym.  I love that my job is all about improving and maximizing this wonderful God given gift and I hope to absolutely take advantage of every minute I have with it!

Have a sweaty, fun, family and food filled Thanksgiving!

Your Trainer Jill






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