Treadmill Survival Tips

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There is nothing like running outside, on a trail with the warmth of the sun on your back.  Unfortunately living in Utah means, cold weather for a good chunk of the year for me.  Over the years I have found ways to maintain and even improve my cardio, by hitting the treadmill when it's too cold to go out.  How do I survive 90 minutes on the treadmill?  

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 6 Treadmill survival tips: 

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1- Save your favorite shows for the treadmill.

If you're anything like me the second it gets dark outside I am ready to curl up, unwind and put my favorite show on.  When it is treadmill season, I save my favorite shows for the treadmill.   When I have a favorite show/movie to look forward to, getting on the treadmill is much easier and the time goes by much faster.   


2- Download, don't stream.
I learned this the hard way!  In case you didn't know already, you can download your favorite shows from Netflix onto your device.  That way, you don't have to stream or use WiFi.  Make sure you download your shows before you leave the house so you don't have to rely on shoddy gym WiFi connections for downloading.  I also download a couple different kind of shows in case I get bored I can switch easily.  I'm a sucker for cooking shows and I love the "Great British Baking Show".  Another one I just started is "Sherlock", and with all of the fixer-upping we are doing right now "Reno my Reno" has kept my attention.  I also just watched "The Founder" on my long Saturday run and that kept my attention the whole 90 minutes.


3- Have a plan. A treadmill plan.
Depending on my client and their goals, I will include programming in their 8-week program to include things like:

  • Monday - Interval training
  • Wednesday - Hill training
  • Saturday - Steady State

If you are doing the same treadmill workout after treadmill workout you are going to burn out, and then want to burn the treadmill. Throw in some variety so that week to week it is the same, but day to day it is different.  As I train for my upcoming Spartan races, I often times will think of the course and plan out the elevation and length that I need to train for.  Having a plan gives you a reason not to give in to being tired or bored.  What are you training for?  What are your goals?  The more you can dial into your "why" the more success you will have at achieving success on the treadmill.  Once you know your goal, then create your plan.  If you need help creating a plan, that's where I come in!  My favorite part of my job is giving people the tools to make their goals achievable.    


4- The ultimate cure for treadmill boredom.
Interval Training. My clients have a day of interval training that might look something like this:  1 minute of sprints or burpee's, followed by 3 minutes of a moderate pace.  It breaks up the monotony and the 3 minutes of moderate feel OH SO GOOD after that sprint.  Time goes by much quicker when you break up the total minutes on the treadmill.  Been doing the same interval set for awhile?  Easy switches will bring your workout back to life.  Try doing alternating burpee's with your fast sprint.  Or change the time to a 30 second sprint, and a 2 minute moderate pace.  Try adding elevation challenges.  There are plenty of ways to play with intervals. 


5-Have options available.  Keep your mind busy.
When I get bored on the treadmill I have 2 or 3 or 4 backups.  Not being a big TV watcher, if there is not a show I am totally into, I can't just watch anything to pass time.  So I will run to a current playlist that I am always updating.  If I get sick of that I will switch to a Podcast like "The Tim Ferris Show" or "Overcome and Run".  I will even jump off the treadmill and head outside once I am warmed up and finish my run outside.  Moral of the story here is to do whatever it takes to keep your mind busy with interesting content so your body can keep performing. 


6-Combine your treadmill days with an easier lift day.
Cardio depletes your glycogen stores, so you more than likely are not going to have the amazing energy needed to lift big muscle groups.  Depending on how long my run is, I like to combine the treadmill with smaller muscle groups like shoulders or abs so I don't neglect my strength work.  Muscles that need less energy to grow are great for after your cardio workout.  A 30-minute interval run followed up by a full shoulder workout takes 60 minutes, and is a perfect workout. 

These tips are not just for the Treadmill.  Try them on the elliptical, stationary bike, or stair climber, to conquer boredom and keep you progressing towards your goals this winter.


It's about your goals.  If your looking for diet and fitness organization head over to my contact page and let's get you a plan.

Looking for a new treadmill?  Check out this helpful article on the Best Treadmill Reviews of 2017.

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*As always, I highly recommend you consult with your physician before beginning any workout program. 

Happy Treadmill running!

Your Trainer Jill


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